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Nod Hill debuts immersive, 360-degree virtual tour of brewery

Nod Hill Brewery has created a unique, interactive virtual tour of their brewery and campus in Ridgefield. The tour includes a guided walkthrough of the brewing & packaging process with the brew team as well as a chance to explore & discover the taproom, Biergarten and Backspace in an immersive, 360-degree environment.

The project was conceived and executed by A&R 360 Creative Solutions, a company owned by Nod Hill server & A/V engineer Adam Bernier. "It was a pleasure working with the Nod Hill team to create this unique and brand new type of brewery tour experience that is the first of its kind," explains Adam. "The new phase of Virtual and Augmented Reality is not only about entertainment, but more about enhancing and enriching real life experiences.”

Visitors can order beer to-go from a virtual checkout counter, watch past musical performances from the Backspace stage, and have a walkthrough of Nod Hill’s private event room, the Backspace, with event coordinator Andrea Neubauer, to get ideas for booking an event.

The highlight of the tour is a walkthrough of the brewhouse with Nod Hill brewers Kyle Acenowr and Kat Michaud. “The 'Brew Day with Kyle and Kat' section of the tour is a perfect example of how we are now able to offer Nod Hill Brewery fans an interactive look behind the scenes into the brewing and canning process hosted by the actual brewers themselves” says Adam, “instead of just a passive text or flat video website."


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