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Our mission is to grow a brewing operation that is sustainable both in regards to the longevity of the business and in the usage of energy, agricultural resources, and our land.

Since April 4. 2019, our brewery has been 100% solar-powered. Installed on our roof is a 287kW photovoltaic solar array that offsets 100% of our electrical usage and typically pushes an additional 5,000 kWh per year back into the power grid.

Nod Hill is one of the first breweries to be included in the DEEP's BetterBev New England program. This initiative aims to recognize & provide guidance to environmentally sustainable businesses in the craft beverage field.

Other Green Initiatives

- We send most of our spent grain to a local farm, any extra goes to a composter

- We compost all food waste & service-ware in our Biergarten

- Numerous processes within the brewhouse have been thoughtfully designed to conserve water, electricity, packaging materials, and C02.

- Our grounds, which include a 1-acre native pollinator meadow, are part of the Norwalk River Pollinator Pathway, and have been designed & maintained with the principles of eco-restoration, river bank protection, and native horticulture in mind.


Since opening in 2017, we have strived to implement sustainable practices & support a variety of environmental causes. As substantial users of electricity (we brew on a fully electric system), we always seek opportunities to decrease our carbon footprint.

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