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As a 100% solar-powered brewery, we are dedicated to initiatives that promote sustainability and  improve our environment, and we focus the bulk of our giving and outreach on these causes - this allows us to streamline our efforts to give back and see more direct consequences of our contributions. In addition, we support many local causes here in Ridgefield and in the surrounding towns.


We receive a high quantity of donation requests and do our best to accommodate what we are able to. While we would love to donate to every worthy cause, we do have ongoing partnerships with organizations that may prevent us from making additional donations. We apologize if we must respectfully decline a donation request - thank you in advance for understanding.

Below is a list of guidelines that we ask to be followed for all donation requests:

We will consider donations strictly to charities and non-profit organizations, not to individuals, schools, or other groups


We respectfully ask that your donation request be made at least one month prior to the event, otherwise we will decline 


We ask that your charity or organization make arrangements for someone (must be over the age of 21) to pick up the donation item at the brewery 


All donation requests must be made using the

donation request form here. Please fill out the form in its entirety and email it to Thank you!


Please be aware that any letters, e-mails, or phone calls made to request donations will not be considered - only requests made using the form linked above.


Thanks for your understanding!



Woodcock Nature Center

Norwalk River Watershed Association

Norwalk River Valley Trail

Friends of Weir Farm

Pollinator Pathway

The Redding Land Trust

The New Haven Land Trust

Earthplace - The Nature Discovery Center

Westbrook Nature School

Connecticut Parrot Rescue

The Beardsley Zoo

The Aldrich Museum

The Prospector Theater


Housatonic Habitat for Humanity

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