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Nod Hill begins food composting program in Biergarten

We're excited to announce that beginning on Thursday July 7, in partnership with Curbside Compost, we will be adding compost collection bins to the Biergarten. With your help, we will be able to significantly reduce the amount of waste going into the trash as well as unnecessary/incorrect items going into the recycling bins.

Here's what our patrons need to know! All food waste/scraps now go in the compost bins. Meat, cheese, bread, bones, vegetables, fruit, sad cold french fries... everything! If it's food, don't put it in the trash, put it in the compost! All utensils/plates/napkins/bowls from On the Fly - anything given to you by On the Fly - can go in the compost bins when you're finished with your meal. Please show some love to Jeff & Steph next time you visit for going 100% compostable with On the Fly's service items - it's not the cheapest or easiest route!

For food trucks other than On the Fly, assume that utensils/ plates/bags/napkins etc are NOT compostable. If you bring your own food to the Biergarten, or order from a truck other than On the Fly, only the food scraps should be put in the compost - other items should still go in the trash or recycling.

Your help with putting items in the correct bins will make or break the success of this composting program - we appreciate your thoughtfulness & consideration!

Since opening in 2017, we have strived to implement sustainable practices & support a variety of environmental causes. As substantial users of electricity (we brew on a fully electric system), we feel a responsibility to seek opportunities to decrease our carbon footprint. We’re happy to say we’re the first (and currently only) brewery in the state to be entirely solar powered. We also send all of our spent grain to local farms, implement clean wastewater practices, and our grounds are part of the Norwalk River Pollinator Pathway. We are excited to implement this composting program as part of our mission to continue to grow our brewery mindfully, respectfully, & sustainably.


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