The Nod Hill Symbol

Our mark was designed by graphic artist Brian Steely. We were attracted to Brian's work because of his unique, simple, and classic yet modern style. His decorative line-art is bold and evocative on a fundamental level. We expressed to Brian that we wanted our logo to incorporate natural elements - hill, campfire, moon - that evoked a picturesque setting for enjoying a beer amongst friends. We also wanted it to have a mysterious glyph-like quality that would be open to interpretation yet instantly recoginizable.

The other thing we loved about Brian is the musical connection that he has - he's done work for some of our favorite artists, including the Punch Brothers, Phish, Ray LaMontagne, and My Morning Jacket, as well as for Holy Mountain Brewing, Yosemite National Park, and the Newport Folk Festival.

Check out more of Brian's artwork here.