A Sneak Peek at Nod Hill's IPA

We've been hard at work on our pilot system refining the recipe and brewing test batches of our hazy, juicy, frisky, hoppy creation…GEOBUNNY! Our take on a New England-style IPA, Geobunny will be one of our regular offerings in the taproom, as well as making occasional appearances in cans. Generously dry-hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops...melon, mango, and citrus flavors dominate here, compliemented by the fruity undertones courtesy of the English yeast strain. Mmmm...


Mosaic is beloved by hopheads for the complex tropical fruit and berry-like flavors it throws. Although this hybrid was only introduced to the market 5 years ago, it is already the 6th highest production hop in the country – a testament to it’s appealingly fruity aroma and flavor.


Pleasant aromas of peach, citrus, and tropical fruit indicate the presence of this strain of hops in a beer. Citra is a high alpha acid hop, meaning it has plenty of potential bittering resins that can be coaxed out during the brewing process.

We look forward to sharing a glass of Geobunny with you in our taproom this fall - and we look forward to bringing fresh, delicious craft beer to Ridgefield!

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