brew with wonder

create with curiosity

honor tradition without being bound by it

leave room for mystery



celebrate life's pleasures

share in good company

cultivate mindful enjoyment


We founded Nod Hill Brewery in northern Fairfield County, CT in 2017 with the intention of crafting expressive, balanced, and unique beers that encourage a spirit of thoughtful enjoyment. We gravitate towards brewing hop-forward modern beer, traditionally-influenced European styles, and both clean & mixed ferment oak-aged beers. We are a 100% green energy-powered brewery that is dedicated to sustainable brewing practices. 


We will not sell any beer that doesn't meet our highest quality standards. We are committed to using the best available ingredients and paying meticulous attention to brewing, cellaring, & sanitation practices. We believe interplay & balance is the hallmark of good beer. We enjoy brewing and drinking beers that let flavors shine brightly, succinctly, & joyfully. 


Kyle Acenowr's approach is meticulous, quality-driven, and based in tradition, with creative flourishes that keep balance & drinkability at the fore.  In his own words, Kyle attempts to "emulate the best aspects of my favorite beers while  adding in my own variations. Through experience and shared knowledge, I use traditional and experimental techniques to brew an array of styles. I find joy in blurring the lines between styles in order to create certain flavor profiles. To do this, I focus on improving my process so that each ingredient is in the right place, with the right potency. Each beer is designed with place and time in mind. They should be pleasant, well rounded, and shared with friends.”



We serve our offerings in a comfortable taproom with an airy, rustic vibe true to our New England roots. Like the campfire depicted in our logo, our taproom is  a  cozy, welcoming place for friends & strangers to meet, relax, and enjoy fresh beer. Our staff are all Cicerone-certified beer servers whose eagerness to help is only matched by their friendliness & beer knowledge. With no TV screens, plenty of great tunes spinning on the record player, and a convivial & conversive 

atmosphere, we hope our space hearkens back to a time when the pub was the communal living room for the town. 



Founding partners & father-son team Dave & Rob Kaye formulated a vision of one day opening a brewery back in 2008, and many inspirations and experiences ended up informing it along the way. From keeping and serving cask ale in London, to spending nights drinking monk-brewed Märzen beer in Salzburg, to batch after batch of experimental homebrews, Dave & Rob were inspired to one day create a venue that reflected their love of beer and the magical experiences they had enjoying it at those many special places. We are proud to say Nod Hill is truly a family venture, with day-to-day operations being run by Dave and his wife Sarah. 



Just southwest of our brewery is Nod Hill, and the long, winding road straddling Ridgefield & Wilton which takes its namesake. It seems that the entire area was referred to as the Nod Hills in the 1700s before it was formally part of either town. Nod is one of those wonderfully old sounding names that has been preserved in many historic New England towns. It evokes fairy tales, Biblical imagery, and perhaps some long-lost Indian place name. There is even a local legend: in his Annals of Wilton (1940), David H. Van Hoosear says "Tradition has it that a certain Isaac St. John - or his father - owned land there and in summertime would ride out with his workmen from Norwalk. Arising very early - to enable them to get a fair-sized day's work done - they would oft-times grow sleepy by the time the hills were reached, and the horses were allowed to walk. It was noticed that Isaac would nod in his sleep with the movement of his horse, and the workmen designated it Nod Hills, a name which stuck and they have been so called ever since."


To us, it is a reminder of the community we are a part of, an acknowledgement of our rich local history, and an evocative yet rooted name that has inspired us to have fun & be creative with the names of our beers.