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A Beer They Made is a collaboration between Nod Hill Brewery in Ridgefield, CT and Bellwoods Brewery in Toronto, Canada. The project was spearheaded by packaging lead Renée Parr (they/them) at Bellwoods and brewer Kat Michaud (they/them) at Nod Hill, with the mission of both connecting and drawing due attention to non-binary, gender-fluid, & transgender folks in the brewing industry. A portion of the proceeds from each beer will be donated to local organizations/funds that directly support LGBTQ+ people by providing gender affirming & community care. As two non-binary folks in this industry, Kat and Renée want this beer to strengthen our community by connecting trans, non-binary, and gender-fluid folks already working in the industry, offer representation to change the narrative around who does and can work in beer, ensure that participating breweries are safe spaces for people of all kinds, and expose as many people to the resources below as possible. Breweries have become pillars in our local communities and it is important to us that our staff and customers alike feel safe and supported in this space we all share. We hope you enjoy the beer, and please take the time to read & share the resources listed below, and make a donation if it is within your means.


CT Resources & Safe Spaces for LGBTQ+ Folks

New Haven




CT Government Portal Resource List:

Resources for Understanding + Supporting Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming People

The Trevor Project




Non-Binary Artist Archie Bongiovanni’s Illustrated Guide to They/Them Pronouns:

(Great gift for friends and family of non-binary folks!)



Places to Donate

Funding to Offset Medical, Surgical, Legal, and/or Social Transition-Related Expenses:


Grassroots Organization Supporting and Uplifting LGBTQ+ Youth in CT:


We hope to continue to brew this beer every year with a different brewery to help expand our mission. If you are a brewery who has any transgender/gender non-conforming people on your staff and you would like to collaborate with us in the future, please reach out to Kat at

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